The aim of the project is coming back to the past where our guests can live an ancient ordinary life, thanks to the interactivity of guided tours. So, the Fortress of the Verrucole has become hybrid: a building with a fascinating and architecturally interesting history animated by guides in historical dress that will accompany you in the visit of the rooms set up as in the past with demonstrations of civil and military activities. You can visit a living structure, discovering an old ordinary society. Keywords: involve, documenting information without ever being bored or dazed with lists of dates and names. The visit as Archeopark therefore presents a series of characteristics that is ideal for all kind of school that want to come close to medieval daily life.

The educational workshops can be included into the guided tour to explore specific themes and get involved with a practical and memorable experience. For suitable groups (age and number of partecipants) and if the weather is good, the encounter with the Middle Ages will end with demonstration of use of a faithfully reconstructed siege machinery, a bricole of almost 10 meters, which is necessary the collaboration of all presents.

Together we will customize workshops and the method of the visit, to create a special day for all participants.

The Fortress of Verrucole Archeopark is an ideal educational environment for children of learning age, where they can experience local history and traditional rural activities. The Fortress is a valid educational trip and a starting in-depth educational path to be carried out in stages. The visit is adapted according to the age and needs of every single group.

Peculiarities of the experience: 

-direct contact; it is possible to touch the objects, as all the elements of the installation and the high sensoriality of the experience completely involve the children. Visitors and guides, students, teachers... will experience a path without terms and boundaries!

-interdisciplinarity; discovering the daily life of the Middle Ages various fields. In addition we will also touch other fields of interest such technical-scientific, artistic and physical sciences.

Through interactive visit and didactic laboratories, the experience lived at the Fortress of the Verrucole becomes a stimulus to growth for children, in this way:

• a new look to dynamic and engaging history, an invitation to individual and group research;

• practical and fun educational experiences, incentive the ability and collaboration with other children;

• recognize roots of national history and traditions, safeguarding the continuity of knowledge in the new generations;

• raising children's awareness of natural resources, inviting them to discover and preserve nature; 

• learn how those resources enter into daily life such as food, medicinal remedies or crafts;

• possibility to re-elaborate and deepen in school the themes seen during visit, inherent to the school program, can become a dynamic and original integration to it. 

Discovering The Fortress of Verrucole Archeopark is a bridge between the past of our history and the future represented by the new generations.

To receive the complete project contact us by phone or email.


Visitors can choose to get involved in educational workshops about life in the Middle Age (for children and for adults) and experience how our ancestors’ life was and deepen some themes of their lifes. 
it’s possible for them to book the workshop or sign in directly when the event has being planned. Any reservation must be agreed at least 48 hours in advance and for a minimum group of 10 participants. The cost of the workshops is not included in the ticket and you have to pay a part.

Currently available laboratories:

- battle at the castle

-pallascudo (ball shield)?

-Arcers and crossbowmen

- lost tastes ... Or almost

- the world of textiles

- herbal medicine and medicine

- miner’s experience

- the code of heraldry

- ancient building

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