Fortezza di Verrucole


Verrucole Fortress’ structure shines for its beauty and it’s surrounding natural environment. For sure, it is one of the most representative monument and a military fortification system in Garfagnana. However the Fortress risks to be soundless without a professional stuff able to communicate the ancient splendor. For this reason we created the project Fortezza Verrucole Archeopark. Fortezza Verrucole Archeopark project involves the reconstruction of life inside the Fortress in the form of a living museum, as it was when inhabited in the past. The rooms have been arranged as they could have appeared at the end of the XIII century and thanks to the presence of guide-reenactors we can discover the history and life of the Fortress. In addition to guided tours, we offer laboratory activities for children and also for adults.

The Fortress of Verrucole Archeopark: a new way to discover the past.

San Romano Garfagnana Lucca Italy

STUDIUM 1984 APS - Sede Legale: Via Torre, 9 Bagni di Lucca, 55022 Lucca ITALY  C.F. 90008440464 e P.Iva 02319360463 tel. 3403586862 

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